Case Study: The Shocking Truth About eCommerce

The Shocking Truth About the State of eCommerce And How This Chocolate Store Found it’s eCommerce Success

  • Client’s Name: Srikanth D
  • Product Category: Chocolates
  • Nature of Business: Online store only
  • Locations: 25
  • Website:

The Classic Magento Trap

About 3 years ago, in 2012, was first launched using Magento software. The Magento software was hard to use and the website crashed many times. In absence of the right technical support, Srikanth dropped the idea of using Magento, even though it was free. Instead he decided to go for a hosted shopping cart software, so that he doesn't have to worry about configuration and hosting.

The Expensive eCommerce Software That Didn’t Work

His second attempt landed him to a company based in Calcutta. This company charged Rs. 5000/- a month for the platform. On top of it, they charged 5% commission on every transaction.

In spite of spending such huge sum of money on eCommerce platform, the downtime and crashes were norm of the day. They lost the peak Diwali sale because the store remained dysfunctional for an entire day. At times, the store remained down for 3 days in a row. Such outages not only affected the sale, but it also impacted their Google Ranking.

Third Attempt That Proved Fatal

Ultimately, Srikanth patience ended and in look out for a better alternative, he found another hosted platform. During the short ordeal with this platform, he experience that the checkout had errors and many transactions were failing. Not only that, the store wasn’t mobile responsive. He lost a lot of customers who would shop using mobile devices.

He started looking for another alternative. This was his fourth attempt and he couldn't afford to go wrong. After a lot of careful consideration, Srikanth finally choose eComNation.

In February 2015, was migrated to eComNation - just one day ahead of Valentine’s Day.

When asked why did he Choose eComNation, Srikanth says -

The reason I choose eComNation is because you are Affordable and Reliable. Abandoned cart recovery is one of my favorite features on eComNation. Order details page is very intuitive. Adding shipping information is very helpful. Email customization, is very simple. I have used them all. And I haven't taken any of your help. eComNation is not only reliable; it is also very intuitive and easy to use.

A Funny Side Story

One fine day, the MD of a very reputed Chocolate brand from Gujarat called me. He had spent 500 crores in building a brand and he asked, how can I improve sales?

He wanted me to come to Gujarat. I said, No to him because I know i won’t enjoy there. Moreover, he said it was not his core area of expertise and he was doing it only as a side business.

However, the big shock came to him when he learned that ChocolateMantra was a small home based company.

At this point, Srikanth starts smiling and he adds -

"That is the power of ecommerce. You are small but you are playing it big. Exactly opposite to an iceberg which looks small outside but is very big inside. We are small from inside but we look 10x big from outside."

When asked about his secret of success

Srikanth, says - He does his own marketing. Running ads on Google, participating in forums on, Yahoo answers and blogs on food/chocolate has greatly helped him get traffic and ranking.

Today, averages 300 orders a month.

When asked about his team size

Srikanth says - We are a team of three. My wife, my 8 years old daughter and myself. I look after marketing. My wife makes chocolates while the little hands of my daughter are big enough to help her mom in packing and getting the chocolates ready for delivery. On regular days, she is busy for 5 hours continuously and on peak seasons such as Diwali, Raksha Bandhan and Valentine's day the mother-daughter duo is busy for 12 hours - continuously, preparing, packaging and sending chocolates. Bringing smiles with their sweat and hard work. is a shinning example of how small can be Big. To such an extent that MD of a large chocolate company sought their help. The key to a successful ecommerce store is patience and persistence. Of course, with stable and reliable software like eComNation, all your hard work pays off.

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