If you are looking to multiply your revenues and grow your business online, then you have just found the secret to ecommerce success…

When your ecommerce website goes live, you face a pressing question -   “How do I market my business online?”. There is so much competition out there. Plus, ecommerce marketplaces with deep pockets are spending crores of rupees in advertising. In such a scenario, how do you create an impact in your market?

Quite frankly, there is no scarcity of digital marketing agencies and you can easily hire one for your business. The bad news is - a vast majority of business owners losing money in online marketing. Random tactics such as social media marketing or SEO often produce little or no results. Unfortunately, a vast majority of business owners have to shut down their ecommerce website in the absence of early traction.

Don’t let your ecommerce business become a victim of digital marketing disaster.

Announcing: The Ecommerce Bootcamp - Unleash the income potential of your ecommerce website

In this one day bootcamp, you will discover the most profitable strategies to market your business, online and offline. Unleash the money making potential of your ecommerce website with these proven strategies.

Here is what’s waiting for you inside this bootcamp:

  • Three pronged marketing system -The little known marketing secret which can make your marketing infinitely more powerful than your competitors
  • Discover the hidden goldmine in your business with the power of target audience
  • How to bring visitors to your website without wasting money on expensive advertising
  • The #1 secret of long-term ecommerce success, almost guaranteed to bring you six figure income
  • How to advertise in  odd places and produce big results
  • Social media marketing secrets -why 85% business owners lose money on social media channels and how to get it right
  • The killer marketing strategy which can boost your sales by at least two times….

…After attending this bootcamp, you will become smarter and informed marketer

You will be able to…

  • Delegate and manage marketing activities effectively
  • Get optimum results from your marketing campaigns
  • Never waste time and energy in ineffective marketing tactics
  • Get your the fast track to make your first million from your ecommerce website

This Ecommerce Bootcamp is a result of years of experience in online and offline marketing. It extracts the best marketing ideas and strategies implemented for our own as well as clients’ businesses. 

Three important reasons why you shouldn’t miss the eCommerce Bootcamp

  • Re-designed from scratch:  This bootcamp is completely revamped from the previous version. Even if you have attended the previous bootcamp, this will be a brand NEW experience for you.
  • Practice Assignments:  You will be subjected to brain stretching exercise that take your thinking beyond traditional boundaries.
  • “Pick my mind” QA Session:  There will be a special QA session with me where can get deep inside my mind and get answers to specific marketing questions for your business.

Here is what past participants have to say about the bootcamp…

I would like to thank eComNation for having this over. I’m leaving with lots of food for thought. The one thing that I would say is I have learned a lot about having an USP and thats same at eComNation. Their USP is that they rigorously aim to resolve problem of clients and potential clients might have. We don’t feel like we are selling you something and they genuinely wants to help you that is what the message comes across. I really like it. ~ Abhishikha Sekhani, WonderWings, Ahmedabad.

It was great attending the bootcamp and I will keep attending again and I’m sure I will get benefit from this and it was very insightful getting to know how to build an USP, how to learn ROI on marketing. It worth my time and money attending this seminar also it helps me in my marketing plan. ~ Rajan Patel,, Ahmedabad.

100% Delightful Learning Experience, Guaranteed

If you aren’t delighted with the learning experience in the bootcamp, we’ll refund you the full fees. No questions asked.

The next eCommerce BootCamp is coming up in September 2016. Enter your contact details bellow to get notified when we open registrations. 

About the Presenter

Hrishikesh Jobanputra comes with 15+ years of experience in marketing, strategy and consulting. He is the marketing advisor and co-founder at eComNation. Priority to eComNation, Hrishikesh consulted automative giants such as Ford and Toyota of USA for their digital marketing platform. Hrishikesh has helped businesses of all sizes gain unique competitive advantage by implementing ground-breaking marketing ideas at a fairly rapid pace.
He can be reached at:

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