Gwalia Sweets: Case Study

Big Strides, Baby Steps: How This Leading Packaged Food Brand is Spreading its Ecommerce Footprints

  • Brand Name: Gwalia Sweets
  • Product Category: Packaged Food
  • Nature of Business: Brick & Mortar Outlets
  • Locations: 25
  • Website:

Mrs. Preeti heads the online marketing and sales at Gwalia Sweets. In a candid conversation with Hrishikesh Jobanputra, she shares her ecommerce experience and how they are slowly but steadily expanding their footprints online.

The First Attempt to Launch an eCommerce Website

Preetiji begins by sharing their past experience with eCommerce -

"Our first attempt to launch an ecommerce store dates back 8 years ago. We tried to set up an ecommerce store using Magento and it failed. Speed was slow. Order notifications were not coming. Communication was not happening to customer. It was difficult to get the errors resolved. Till a level they supported us but once the store was launched, they never came back. We were on our own."

The Horrific Service Experience in the Second Attempt

Almost a year ago, they hired another company to do their ecommerce site. And the second experience turned out to be even worst. There were errors in the site, the store was extremely slow and once again, there were notifications issues which the team was unable to fix. After repeated follow ups with company owner and developers, the errors could not be rectified. Eventually they stopped responding to our calls. Later on Gwalia management came to know that their employees had left and the company was closed.

"All the money and effort we had put into the ecommerce store was wasted."

In October 2015, after much deliberation Gwalia Sweets finally choose eComNation. Their store went live, right before the Diwali season. And as a result of a stable ecommerce website, Gwalia Sweets saw a 25% increase in online orders compared to previous year.

Preetiji goes on sharing her experience with eComNation

"With eComNation, the experience has been very smooth. We didn’t felt the stress at all. The store does not have a fancy design. It is really simple, which is why products get highlighted so well. I like the fact that our products are at the center stage of the website and they look so nice."

Currently Gwali has 25 retail stores out of which 13 are in Ahmedabad.

Gwalia Sweets is expanding its base all over India and having an ecommerce website will serve two advantages. First, they can reach to people where our physical stores are not yet present. Secondly, they can build brand awareness through an ecommerce presence by reaching to those places.

In 2016, Gwalia Sweets is quite excited about their ecommerce future.

Preetiji exclaims saying

"We are really surprised and excited about the fact that we receive orders from locations unknown to us. Yesterday, we received an order from Jamshedpur. The other day, we received an order from Port Blair."

She goes on adding

"People in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are showing the most amount of interest in our products. There is a lady from Kolkata who found us online and she orders our Potato Wafers every 10 days. She has ordered at least 10 times and continues to do so every few days."

"Right in the first month after store was launched, Gwalia Sweets saw a flood of new orders from their ecommerce site from various parts of India."

Finaly, Preetiji ends by saying

Thanks to eComNation platform and service team, our ecommerce journey has been smooth and stress-free.

Gwalia Sweets Continue to take baby steps in ecommerce. Due to their established brand reputation, they receive orders on their website every single day and continue to expand their footprints across India. Brands like Gwalia Sweets are a great example of how well-know brands can leverage ecommerce and serve loyal customers in any part of the world.

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