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A Problem

In a cold winter evening of 2006, Hrishikesh and Chirag sat down in their office basement figuring out a pressing problem -

"Setting up an ecommerce store was extremely time consuming and prone to errors" The delays not only harmed client business, but it also had a serious impact on their profitability and sustainability.

The ecommerce technology lacked at many levels, making ecommerce a difficult and expensive affair.

The Solution

That day, they made a decision to create an ecommerce platform from scratch with these three objectives:

  • The process of launching ecommerce store should be smooth and hassle free.
  • Making the ecommerce software extremely easy to use for their clients
  • The software must be flexible to adopt and embrace change at a fairly rapid pace

Almost for a year, the duo worked on the early prototype of ecomNation. The first version of software built in 2008 was an epic failure.

Perseverance pays off

The team started fresh, working on yet another version of the platform. Another attempt to launch the software in 2009 failed miserably with some valuable lessons were learned. Unwilling to give up, they started fresh, once again. Finally the perseverance paid off and the first version of eComNation was released on November 10th, 2010 (then called 39shops).

Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

In July 2012, the Jobanputra brothers were featured in entrepreneur magazine for the bringing innovation in ecommerce and setting a new standard in the Industry.

The Innovation continues in the face of adversity

While facing challenges on multiple fronts in marketing and product development, the innovation continued and the platform continued to evolve. The ecommerce platform had set new standards in quality, usability and performance.

A new beginning in 2015

With fresh infusion of investment and an aggressive growth plan, the company leaped into a new phase of growth in 2015. It received its new brand name “eComNation” and a new mission was established.

Book launch

On November 6th, 2015, the duo co-authored a book “eCommerce Success Secrets”. The book received rave reviews and got featured in the Times of India.

  • - Chirag Jobanputra

    Co-founder and CEO, eComNation

    "Chirag has 14+ years of experience in launching successful online properties for prestigious companies and government organizations. He has developed and implemented website strategy for leading companies such as Kotak Bank, Network 18, CtrlS, Coal Junction, and Landmark Group.
    He can be reached at: chirag@ecomnation.in"

  • "Hrishikesh Jobanputra is an author and marketing advisor to forward thinking entrepreneurs. He has 16+ years of experience in marketing, strategy and consulting. Hrishikesh helps businesses of all sizes gain an unfair competitive advantage using the power of inbound marketing.
    He can be reached at :hrishi@ecomnation.in"

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