Telemarketing Rockstar (Inbound)

Are you con dent, reliable and resourceful? Do you have lots of energy, a great work ethic, EXCEPTIONAL organization and communication skills?

If so, keep reading...

Here are a few Requirements:

  • Exceptional organization and communication skills
  • Loads of common sense
  • Champion at meeting deadlines
  • Talent to build and maintain rapport with high-profile clients
  • Quick on your feet and able to make decisions without a lot of details

We are a high-profile, fun, fast-paced ecommerce company, looking for an A-Player who is a highly efficient, highly motivated, self-directed, resourceful, results oriented person, with a sense of humor and thick skin, to join our team of Telemarketing Rockstars.

We want full-time, long-term, ROCKSTAR Telemarketing Executives

Here is a short list of other “must-haves” that you should possess to apply for this position:

1. Be Extraordinarily Organized – You must have the ability to constantly establish and maintain prospects and organize them into our CRM. You must be able to handle as well as follow up regularly with phone calls and emails with leads and prepare them to buy our service. You must also be able to organize and keep track of goals and planning, as well as gather, assimilate and summarize information for responses and decisions from clients.

2. Have Excellent & Professional Communication Skills. – You must be able to respond professionally in person and on the phone to very high profile people.

3. Be Highly Attentive, Pro-Active & Resourceful. – You must be alert and anticipate client’s needs and offer a solution to meet their objectives.

Are we a good to go so far?... If YES, keep reading....

Here’s something you should know, as a team member of eComNation. It’s helpful if you have some of the following experience: working in a high end hotel or resort, organizing events, or helping run fundraising campaigns.

1) Team and/or Leadership Experience – If you have leadership experience, please notate it in your inquiry. We find that people who’ve played on sports or other types of teams, or who have had significant leadership experience understand how to play their role, how to pitch in wherever is needed, and have a Whatever It Takes Attitude.

2) High-end Restaurant and/or Customer Service Experience – If you have experience in high-end, busy restaurants, a concierge type role, or high-level customer service, please notate it in your inquiry. We often find this type of person has received exceptional sales training, as well as an understanding of what it takes to maintain high levels of service and personal organization--over long hours, while being accountable, and working under pressure.

PLEASE ~ No whiners or complainers either. We’re also not interested in bringing someone on-board who has too many personal commitments.

**What’s In It For YOU?!?!**

Working with eComNation would be the single most useful education you could get. You’d literally be getting paid to learn, and contribute value in the form of your ideas, positive energy and organizational efforts.

For example, you will be asked to draft an email to our high profile client and make an upsell. Holy cow! Where would you ever learn that in school? :-)


Plus, you may have the opportunity to be in the room during our high-level Seminars, Workshops and Marketing Bootcamps! A Big Huge Perk is that you’ll be exposed to people that you’ve only read about in business magazines... to hear how they think and how they operate.

And much, much more...

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