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Countless ecommerce websites loose valuable customers and sales due to inferior quality and lack of standards? Using our proprietary website assessment technique, we’ll audit your website on 7 key parameters and show you the quality score of your website. You will precisely know what can be improved on your site to increase conversions and sales.

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We are on a MISSION to save ECOMMERCE WEBSITES from becoming a VICTIM of poor quality and bad experience. Because an inferior website can HARM your brand and DAMAGE your reputation.

What’s Covered in the FREE Website Assessment?

Find out how your ecommerce website fares compared to the ecommerce standards and how you can improve it.We will audit your website and send you an assessment report for the following parameters:

  • Trust score:Is your website able to generate enough trust for visitors to buy online? We’ll analyze and determine the overall trust score of your website.
  • Shopping experience: Does your site have enough tools and information to help buyers find what they are looking for and make a choice?
  • Checkout and payment experience:How easy it is for your visitors to complete the checkout process and make the payment?
  •  Speed:Does your website opens quickly enough before visitors loose their attention span?
  • Mobile Compatibility: We’ll test the mobile compatibility of your website across devices and operating systems.
  • Search Engine Friendliness:Is your website discoverable by Google? Does it have the necessary keywords to help Google locate your website?
  • Marketing quotient: What kind of messages, hooks and info magnets does your website have to capture visitors and turn them into buyers?

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